4 Key Benefits of Ride-On Sweepers

4 Key Benefits of Ride-On Sweepers

As any business owner will tell you, one of the toughest aspects of running a business in a physical location is keeping it clean and tidy. Those with particularly large premises, warehouses for example, will really struggle to keep everything clean, tidy, and organised. This is where ride-on sweepers become so useful.

With ride-on sweepers, you can make cleaning vast commercial spaces a much quicker and easier task. A ride-on sweeper is basically an industrial floor sweeper than the user sits on in order for them to operate the machine. The sweepers are fully motorized, typically by battery, and feature a dust filtration system and three wheels (one at the front and two at the back) and two motorized side brushes which sweep detritus off the floor and into an easy-to-empty debris container.

More and more commercial businesses are investing in industrial sweepers such as ride-on floor sweepers, and for very good reason. Here’s a look at 4 key benefits of ride-on sweepers.

Ride on sweepers cover large areas

Without question, one of the main benefits of industrial cleaning machines is their efficiency, and a ride-on floor sweeper is no different.

Sweeping large open spaces and areas, I.E warehouse floors, with a regular dustpan and broom would take an eternity to get every last bit of debris and dirt up off the floor. With a ride-on floor sweeper however, you can sweep and clean the floor in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

Ride-on sweepers are fast thanks to their motor, plus they are larger and so they can cover more square metres in far less time than it would take to do it manually.

Ride-on floor sweepers are more hygienic

Industrial cleaning is no small feat. It can be costly, it requires a lot of manpower, and it is also very time-consuming, especially if your cleaning team are using inferior cleaning equipment.

Another advantage of industrial ride on floor sweepers is the fact that they’re more hygienic.

Ride-on sweepers have powerful brushes that can agitate dirt, debris, and dust particles and penetrate deeper into the flooring to remove more detritus. Not only that, but they also have powerful dust filtration systems too which help to purify the air and keep the rider safe.

Ride-on sweepers are comfortable and safer

Manual labour is taxing on the body, and pushing around a heavy sweeping brush, dustpan, and various other cleaning implements is not only going to feel uncomfortable, it can also be bad for your posture.

With ride-on sweepers however, users sit in a comfortable ergonomic seat and operates the machine via ergonomically located controls for a comfortable experience that is far better for their posture.

As they’re sat on the machine when they operate it they’re also safer from hazards on the ground. Warehouses for example, are littered with heavy equipment and trip hazards, so being on the sweeper helps remove the worker from harm’s reach.

Ride-on sweepers have low maintenance costs

Finally, the last benefit of ride-on floor sweepers that we’re going to look at today are their low maintenance costs.

Ride-on floor sweepers are easy to operate and easy to maintain. They are far cheaper to maintain than forklifts, cherry pickers, and other warehouse equipment, making them the perfect cleaning investment.

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