Trailer Canopy Market to Undergo Steady Progress by 2027

Trailer Canopy Market

Trailer Canopy Market to Undergo Steady Progress by 2027; Leading Companies Such as Blackburn Trailers and Bull Motor to Focus on Developing Novel Trailer Solutions.

The global trailer canopy market size is projected to expand at a substantial pace owing to the increasing availability of innovative trailer offerings for camping enthusiasts, finds Fortune Business Insights™ in there research. Trailer canopy has emerged as the ideal home-on-the-go option for travellers undertaking overnight road journeys. Several trailer manufacturers have come up with a wide range of novel trailer options.

For example, Australia-based Track Trailer offers the Tvan Firetail, which features a slide-out kitchen equipped with a three-stove burner, an attachable tent, weatherproof awning, and queen-size sleeping space.

On the other hand, Texas-based Taxa Outdoors has developed Cricket, a lightweight camper trailer with ample sleeping space for two adults and two children, along with built-in plumbing and 12-volt lighting. Another example is Vistabule, a trailer company based in Minnesota, USA. The company created the Teardrop Trailer, which boasts of luxurious features for a mobile home, such as a collapsible coffee table, kitchen with running water, and fold-up sofa. The growing presence of such delightful offerings is anticipated to bolster the prospects of this market.

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has generated tremendous uncertainty in the world economy and society. While some businesses have remained relatively secure, many others are facing enormous losses because of the pandemic. We aim to equip businesses with fully researched market intelligence statements regarding this crisis so that they can form well-informed business strategies.

Based on our experience as well as the expertise, we will suggest an impact outline of coronavirus outbreak over industries to help you plan for the future.

List of Key Players Covered in the Trailer Canopy Market Report:

  • Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd.
  • Bull Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd.
  • Blackburn Trailers Limited
  • Ifor Williams Trailers

Restraining Factor

Prohibitive Costs of Off-road Trailers to Hinder Market

The primary factor impeding the trailer canopy market growth is the high costs associated with these vehicle extensions. For example, modestly-sized trailers can cost campers a minimum USD 5,450 without add-ons and the price can increase to USD 12,000 for larger trailers with add-ons. Fancier trailer products can burn an even larger hole in the pocket. The AIR OPUS trailer, for instance, by OPUS USA costs between USD 18,999 and USD 22,799, thus making it unaffordable for most campers.

Another significant disadvantage of trailer canopies is that they are difficult to manoeuvre as they are attached externally to a vehicle. As a result, the automobile driver is likely to find it difficult to squeeze the trailer on tight turns or in areas where roads have not been properly built, such as mountains or hills. Further, even though trailers are not as big as roving vehicles, they are considerably large and therefore require a sizeable to park. Awareness about these disadvantages among campers might limit the adoption of trailer canopies and hinder the market growth.

Regional Insights

North America to Hold the Largest Market Share; the Asia Pacific to Catch up Fast

Among regions, North America is expected to dominate the trailer canopy market share throughout the foreseeable future due to the increasing preference for lightweight vehicles in the US and Canada. More importantly, the market in this region will enjoy lasting growth because of a healthy culture of family road trips and the undertaking of recreational activities such as overnight camps. As a consequence, the demand for trailer canopies and roving vehicles is very high in North America. On the other hand, in the Asia Pacific, rising disposable incomes, adoption of western lifestyles, and promotion of unconventional tourist spots will propel the adoption of trailer canopy and other such vehicles in the forthcoming years.

Competitive Landscape

Initiation of Innovative Services by Key Players to Create Healthy Competitive Atmosphere

The competitive landscape of this market is experiencing a healthy dose of innovation as some key players are initiating novel ventures and services to garner a wider audience for their offerings. This is evoking the creative energies of other players, who in turn are becoming increasingly engaged in developing inventive products, elevating the potential of the market for trailer canopy in the process.

Industry Development:

  • November 2020: UK-based Ifor William Trailers collaborated with the physicians at the Corwen Family Practice to design and construct a bespoke mobile clinic. The practice will be using this specialized facility, which also houses a special area for storing PPE, to assess patients with COVID symptoms.

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