What is Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a treatment that helps a person overcome communication difficulties which can involve either speaking or using other forms of language. In this respect, speech therapy assists you in writing down what you need to say and grasp what other people are saying. The person who faces speech disorder needs to talk to a speech therapist for some speech therapy assessment if there is difficulty in speaking, hearing, or using language.

Speech Therapy can help you improve your:

  • Language development (especially in children who are learning to develop their ability to speak).
  • Opportunity to speak out for yourself.
  • Receptive language skills (how well you can handle language).
  • Flexibility (how well and with what ease one can use language).
  • Clarity and expression (how well I can convey what I want to).

What is the Role of Speech Therapy?

Language therapy will assist you in the ways of speech and communication with language in the future. The form of speech therapy you require will hence depend on some factors such as your age and any health disorder, or speaking difficulties that you may have.

Your SLT should therefore advise you on which treatment procedure is suitable for your case. Speech therapy is a highly diversified and complex domain and there are many different ways and types of speech therapy, including those designed for specific disorders or kinds of communication impairment.

Some Disorders that require Speech Therapy

Aphasia: These may be basic learning disability; difficulty in reading; writing; speaking or understanding what others are saying which is in usually occurs due to stroke.

Apraxia: Sometimes people with apraxia get it right, but more often they grapple with pronouncing the words though they know what they wish to convey. They are likely to be intuitive or stammer, have difficulties with meals or other motoric activities involving swallowing, etc.

Articulation disorder: Articulation disorders are characterized by an inability to pronounce some phonemes, words, or conversations. For instance, they may exchange one phoneme for another; they try to say ‘wed’ instead of the word ‘red’ or ‘this’ instead of the word ‘this’.

Dysarthria: About dysarthria, it is suggested that the persons who have this problem may sometimes speak slowly or with slurs. This can happen when muscles used while speaking are involved and they end up being paralyzed. There are many possible causes of MND including stroke multiple sclerosis, ALS, or other diseases that may originate from the nervous system.

Receptive disorders: Receptive disorders are those whereby an individual has difficulty comprehending spoken language or its meaning. It can present in a child in terms of having a limited number of words, inability to follow instructions, or even lack of interest in speaking.

Resonance disorders: Resonance disorders refer to certain diseases that may influence the cavities of the mouth or the nose. They may obstruct the passage of air and change the important frequencies for your ability to hear sounds. Cleft palate, enlarged tonsils, and other abnormalities that pertain to the surface area and shape of your mouth and nose are some examples of medical conditions that may lead to resonance disorders.

Does it Help to Recover?

The need for help does not come at any bad or right age, there is always a right time to seek help. Speech therapy can be provided to any age ranging from childhood to adulthood. Speech Pathology Australia provides better care for your speech therapy. Everyone’s needs are unique. The approach to certain forms of impaired speech – develops with time, while others require constant speech therapy for many years. If there was an illness that led to a speech disorder, then you may find your speech and language abilities improving as the disease is being cured.


Speech therapy is an easy and efficient method, which has been already tested to be helpful for millions of individuals and their language and communication impairments. So speech therapy is a good solution for any kind of speech disorder.

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