The Best Festivities to Look Forward To After Lockdowns Are Over

It would seem that not since people were small children awaiting their visit from Santa Claus have they had such a compelling desire for an occasion as they do for the end of COVID Lockdowns. In their hopes for a return to their everyday lives, people anticipate the activities in which they will first engage. Of course, people have different desires, many of which are determined by their ages.

Reuniting with Friends and Relatives

Not surprisingly, a recent survey conducted by YouGov of age groups ranging from the Baby Boomers (1946-1964)to Generation X (1965-1981) and Millennials (1982-1999) revealed that visiting relatives and friends at the pandemic’s end is the first desire of all the age groups that participated.

Only the Millennials were below 50% (47%)on the question of their desire to reunite with people about whom they care deeply. They did, however, express their desires for reuniting with friends at birthday parties, cookouts, concerts, etc., and casual get-togethers.

Baby Boomers are the most interested in reunions with family and friends. Sixty-one percent of this age group expressed the desire to reunite with people close to them. When your lockdowns are over, buy some party supplies online and get back together with the people you love and care about.

Eating at a Restaurant and/or Bar

Another socializing activity that is ranked high by all age groups is dining and/or social drinking. Engaging in activities with others is common to human beings as it makes life more meaningful and enjoyable.


Older adults are more interested in traveling than other age groups. Of the Baby Boomers, more than half (61%) expressed their desires to travel and many have married children with families who have moved away. The older set may be eager to visit places they have long yearned to see but could not afford to go when they were younger. Among the Millennials, only 37% expressed a desire to travel domestically.

Going to a Movie or a Concert

Nearly 30% of ages surveyed expressed a desire to be entertained, either visually at the movies or musically at a concert.

Going to the Beach

Getting outside in a beautiful and comfortable setting is something almost everyone wants to do. Being able to relax and feel free of restrictions is anticipated by all groups that measured at 24%.

Taking a Trip Outside the Country

Taking a train, a jet, or even driving the highways provides a sense of freedom for all age groups that ranged from 15% to 20% in their desires.

Whatever people want to do and wherever they wish to go after the pandemic, all age groups are eager to return to their normal lives where socialization and recreation are big parts. While the pandemic has brought about difficulties and alterations in people’s lifestyles, it has probably taught many to appreciate many of the things they once took for granted.

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