Hardwood decking – What you should know!

Hardwood decking

What is hardwood decking? Why does my new hardwood deck crack? Answer: This is a common problem when installing new wooden floors. Although cracking is usually inevitable as the new wood layer ages, there are methods that can help minimize cracking. First of all, remember that most hardwood finishing materials are actually darker than they appear.

This is especially true for dark woods such as basswood or walnut. Although the texture on the new hardwood deck may not be as obvious, it is important to remember that dark colors are actually the best choice for insulation and noise reduction. If you have an existing wooden deck, you can still choose to use dark hardwood.

However, you should avoid using treated cedar and redwood, because these colors are not good for your home environment. Second, remember that natural wood floors are not completely weather resistant. It has a certain resistance to normal and extreme weather, but it is not as durable as other types of decorative panels.

In fact, using weather-resistant composite decks may be a better idea. You can further increase the strength of the new hardwood deck by adding some rubber or acrylic boards. This will provide you with a comfortable and durable deck surface that you will be able to enjoy for many years. Third, another reason why your new hardwood deck may crack is that it is designed from softwood that is prone to fungal rot. Unlike hardwoods, which are more resistant to fungal attack, softwoods usually begin to decline in color and durability after decades.

That being said, you should always choose hardwood flooring products that have been thoroughly kiln dried and coated with a protective sealant. This will ensure that it can be used for many generations. Fourth, it is important to take good care of your beautiful new wooden deck. Since your deck is made of hardwood, it needs daily care and attention. This includes regular cleaning with soap and water and the use of deck conditioners.

You should not leave a saturated air conditioner on the deck for a long time, otherwise, it will start to rot. When choosing materials, be sure to choose solid wood decks instead of driftwood deck products. Hardwood flooring products are usually designed with corrugated cardboard, allowing moisture to penetrate the surface and eventually cause rot. Therefore, always choose wood that has been specially treated with a moisture-proof sealant.

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