Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies

Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies

If a career in the legal sector or in policing is of interest to you, it is important to gain an advantage over your peers by completing the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies. Perfectly developed by Prestige Service Training, this 10283NAT Certificate IV is designed to be completed whilst finishing high school and will be delivered within your school’s timeframe by an approved training partner.

This mid-level qualification may at first appear to be for those who want to pursue a career as a lawyer but in fact, is a great starting point for any career with relation to the criminal justice system. Consisting of six core units of study with a further four elective units the course can also help to deliver information tailored to your needs whilst still giving a basis of general knowledge in crime and justice studies.

As a vocational course, the learning style should be suited to a wide variety of learning types with evidence of knowledge collected as your learning continues. Presenting your work to your teacher, enables you to gain your certification by being marked on your findings.

Another advantage of completing Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is that the course contributes towards your QCE & ATAR points. If further education beyond this course is your preferred route to your future career, this course may be the difference between you and a peer in what can be a difficult admission system into further education.

Should your career be in policing then this really is the qualification for you. Prestige Service Training has developed this course in conjunction with Queensland Police to give you a greater understanding if a career in the police is your calling. This course is a nationally recognised pathway and could give you the advantage as a police recruit during the selection process. If your career path is to take you straight into work in the legal or policing sectors without the above further education or selection process, the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is the perfect addition to your CV to give you that advantage not only on paper but in practical understanding of the criminal justice system.

The course will give you practical experience in preparing legal for court proceedings as well as an understanding of the principles of evidence law and identifying and applying the legal framework throughout all of these activities. Entry requirements for the course are simple too, with the only requirement being that you are currently studying at an Australian School, above the age of 15 with access to a computer and the internet. You will also need to be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen.

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