Should You Leave the Hot Water System on Constant?

Hot Water System

Many people think that a hot water system working all the time proves to be cheaper but this is not the truth. Ideally you should turn this on before using it and then turn off later for the best results.

Should you leave the hot water system on constant? Dispelling a myth

You might wonder whether a timed or constant hot water system works the best. If this is the case, know that you are not the only one because many people are just as confused. Those moving into a new home may not even know about the type of heating system they have because many have system or combi boilers.

In a combi boiler, turning the hot water off and on is not a consideration at all because it functions as per the household demands. This means, upon turning the tap the production of hot water starts automatically.

Those with system boiler should know that it contains a cylinder that requires heating to give the hot water supply. Here you should decide whether you want to turn it on constantly or on an as-needed basis.

People may wonder why they need the system boiler because it is better to get hot water whenever needed. According to the plumber Sydney, combi boilers only suit homes with optimal water pressure. This does not work for large families where the hot water runs through multiple taps simultaneously.

Timed or constant – which option is better?

The energy prices are ever increasing so people need to be careful when using electricity or gas. Some people think that by turning on the system when needed is being frugal.

According to some professionals though, it does not cost more when you leave the hot water system on constantly. Then others think differently so knowing about both viewpoints is good before you make a decision. Leaving it on means that the boiler is not heating up water right from a scratch and this makes it more efficient.

By turning it on when needed you will not burn energy unnecessary? Comparative studies and its effect on the utility bills overtime however give you a clearer picture.

Leaving the hot water system on constantly does not save money

By leaving the system on constantly you not only increase the energy consumption of the home but also increase the frequency of hot water repair needs. Unless the household requires a warm water supply constantly keeping the system on keeps the boiler working unnecessarily.

To make this more efficient and cheaper turn the boiler only when there is a hot water requirement in your home.

Turning it on continuously turns off the heater when the water reaches a certain temperature level. When the water cools, this turns on again but such workings do not affect the life expectancy of the system.

Leaving the heater on is not however practical so you should not pay for the heat energy when you are at work or asleep. Using the timer is a better option.

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